Wilmington, NC needs help!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sewer Project - Kings Grant/Wildflower Subdivisions

Okay, I was aggravated by the traffic situation but here is something that burns me up!

The Kings Grant subdivision was having problems with their septic tanks and unable to obtain approval to repair them due to drainage problems. I live in the Wildflower subdivision and had never had any problems with my septic system. Due to the problems Kings Grant was experiencing, they pushed to have New Hanover County install county sewer. So, the county starts a project to install county sewer in all surrounding areas. This began in 2001, it is now 2006 and the county is still not finished.

A little history may help understand more. In the beginning, the Kings Grant development was planned and constructed with the agreement, in writing, that the county would provide connection to the county sewer system for a tap fee of $200 per person to be completed by 1994! Well now, it is 2006, they still have not finished, they are forcing residents to connect, and the tap fee is now $2000 per person. The average cost of converting the home to county sewer is approximately $1200 for the plumbers to install for a total cost to the home owner of $3200!

I am fairly handy, so I decided to install my own connection to the county sewer. What an aggravating process! Are all counties this screwed up? The county sent my notice to connect which contained information required to connect. I went to the county engineering office to get more details and received exactly the same generic instruction that was sent in the mail. Here is a list of the problems I encountered.

  1. Payment requirements were unclear. I had to pay the $2000 tap fee before I could obtain the plumbing permit which caused me to make two trips to the county offices.
  2. Not informed of requirement for an 8" are space in the county side cleanout protector.
  3. Not informed of requirement for a "slotted" cleanout plug at residence side cleanout.
  4. Not informed of requirement for a concrete donut cleanout protector at residence side cleanout.
  5. Not informed of requirement for two inspections - one plumbing - one cleanout.
  6. Inaccurate instructions for who to call and when to call for inspections.
  7. The county inspector entered my backyard without my permission through my gate which was latched from the inside.

Added to this, the county contractors performing the sewer project installation damaged my front yard about three years ago while digging out the storm water ditch. I have called, sent emails, and personally visited the county sewer offices, all to no avail. They have made no effort to make the repairs. The answer I get every time is "we have not finished the project".

I am going to find the correct person above county level officials to file a complaint and I will move higher up the ladder if necessary.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Traffic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Market Street (Hwy 17) and College Road (Hwy 132) are the worst traffic areas in Wilmington, NC. Every change the city and county officials make only serves to worsen the problem.

I could drive across town in 10 minutes easily twenty years ago. Now, the trip takes 20 minutes to 30 minutes if there are no accidents.

There are more accidents every day increasing seemingly exponentially.

Population in Wilmington and surrounding areas has exploded but the tax money being spent on improvements does not seem to display the same growth.